OA Goes to Reuters

June 22, 2009 – 3:37 pm

Sorry to keep everyone hanging for OA’s big news; I was hoping to have a link to the press release, but it’s still not available.

Anyway, after a great year blogging for the Implode-O-Meter, OA is headed to Reuters.  They’ve started a commentary team and, starting today, I’m their newest columnist. 

This is great news.  I’ll continue to have wide latitude to write what I want to write, but now that I work for a major media company, it will be easier to do more original reporting.  Sources not inclined to return calls from OptionARMageddon, for instance, will no doubt be more responsive with Reuters….

There’s lots of plumbing involved with the move, much of which is incomplete.  First off, my blog will be moving.  It will now be hosted on Reuters.com.  They haven’t completed switching it over, so I don’t have a new URL to share just yet.  When it goes live, I’ll let everyone know, hopefully in the next couple days.  Just check back occasionally.

I want to say a special thanks to Aaron Krowne, Justin Owings and the entire staff at the Implode-o-Meter.  They do great work and have been wonderfully supportive over the past year.

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  2. I imagine this decision was not taken lightly. Congratulations to you.

    That said, I am really hoping not to see posts like this in the future:

    * TARP is working!!!
    * Goldman Sachs DESERVES their bonuses!!!
    * The economy is improving!!!
    * Consumerism wins again!!!


    By Craig, Olympia, WA on Jun 22, 2009

  3. Have no fear Craig! Reuters hired me to speak with my own voice.

    By RolfeWinkler on Jun 22, 2009

  4. I wish you luck but it is a stretch to think that your commentary wont be affected by your new employer.
    The LA Times has been caught directing its bloggers about things that should and shouldn’t be discussed – all news organizations do it.

    By mickeyc on Jun 22, 2009

  5. Congrats! Best of luck on the new team, don’t become another MSM drone 🙂

    By Mike Jones on Jun 22, 2009

  6. congrats buddy.

    By Jay on Jun 22, 2009

  7. Congrats Rolfe!

    By HHB on Jun 22, 2009

  8. Congrats.

    By dearieme on Jun 22, 2009

  9. Congratulation man!

    By Kyle on Jun 22, 2009

  10. Congratulations!

    By K T Cat on Jun 22, 2009

  11. Good for you. Congrats. 🙂

    By John Anderson on Jun 22, 2009

  12. This is wonderful! Congrats! And continue to report the truth!

    By Lim on Jun 22, 2009

  13. Congrats! I for one am sure you won’t let your dedicated readers down – keep speaking the truth! I guess I have a reason to hit reuters now.

    By marty on Jun 22, 2009

  14. Congrats man. Well done.

    Be wary of the muzzle. They’ll try to put it on sure as day turns to night.

    By Matt Stiles on Jun 22, 2009

  15. Congratulations! The established media will benefit from adding independent voices who are not reluctant to ask tough questions.

    By Ward on Jun 22, 2009

  16. I’m happy for you. I hope you have the freedom they promised you.

    By MW on Jun 22, 2009

  17. Nice move. Reuters is obviously getting serious about beefing up their financial reporting. Hopefully the others will get the message: We want our news straight.

    By Benedict@Large on Jun 23, 2009

  18. On the one hand I think you deserve this. No doubt you have been feeding us with the most relevant and bullshit free information.

    On the other hand … I feel like those young groups of school friends turned bachelors .. that slowly .. loos part that get married …
    “there goes another one” …

    I wish you all the best ..

    By Itai on Jun 23, 2009

  19. vanity is the devil’s favourite capital sin.

    it saddens me to see that one of the freshers oracles has became into another brick in the wall.

    it is simply impossible to fight against when you are in.

    adios amigo

    By libertador on Jun 23, 2009

  20. CONGRATS ROLFE!!!! Wishing you the very best!

    By Noah on Jun 23, 2009

  21. Glückwunsch from Germany!

    By jmf on Jun 23, 2009

  22. Congrats!

    By Adam on Jun 23, 2009

  23. Good luck Rolfe, best wishes and keep telling it like it is!

    By VK on Jun 23, 2009

  24. Congrats Rolfe!

    By john bougearel on Jun 23, 2009

  25. I would never have thought that Reuters would even think of hosting a blog called “Option Armageddon”

    By Anonymous on Jun 24, 2009

  26. This blog has always been a gem for me–not that I always agree, but I always found it interesting and well written.

    Congrats, Rolfe!

    By Lisa on Jun 24, 2009

  27. reuters is really lucky to get you. you do brilliant work. I think it’s your ancestry.

    By John Winkler on Jun 27, 2009

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